You're Going to Be Okay : 16 Lessons on Healing after Trauma


Now in paperback: a hopeful and approachable book from the creator of @HealingFromPTSD, the largest trauma healing community on Instagram, in which each chapter is inspired by the top-performing posts from the page.

Madeline Popelka is a trauma survivor who knows firsthand how some survivors can feel like they've lost themselves to trauma, and that it might seem impossible to find the upside of a devastating experience. After Madeline was diagnosed with PTSD and began to heal, she felt a need to create a space where other trauma survivors wouldn't feel so isolated. She then founded @HealingFromPTSD, which has grown into the largest trauma healing community on Instagram.

In this hopeful and empowering book, there are 16 chapters, each reflecting a lesson or insight that Madeline gained along her healing journey. Among them:
· Trauma Doesn't Have an Expiration Date
· Your Emotions Are Your Allies
· You Weren't Meant to Heal Alone
· Hold Space for the Goodness
· Embrace the Ongoing Process

Writes Madeline, "I'm sharing the 16 key lessons that I wish I learned sooner, and the insights I gained that shifted my perspective and reduced my shame, with the hopes that they will do the same for you. I'm sharing what I needed to hear when I didn't get the encouragement I wanted from my friends, family, or therapist. I'm sharing the thoughts that brought me comfort and peace when I was feeling isolated, and I hope that by sharing my story, you feel less alone and are inspired to take your healing into your own hands."

In You're Going to Be Okay, you'll learn that healing is a lifelong journey, and while it can be messy and uncomfortable, there are gifts to be found along the way.