Your 10-Minute Wellness Journal : Simple Exercises to Reconnect Your Mind, Body and Soul


Take 10 minutes a day to harness the power of yourself and journal your way to wellness.

Learn how to cultivate wellness by focusing on the connection between your mind, body, and soul. With quick and easy activities inspired by the natural world, as well as simple guided prompts, this thoughtfully crafted journal will help you to create a healthy balance in all aspects of your life and find your purpose.

By taking just 10 minutes a day, you can forge a better mind-body-soul connection. Gill Thackray, mindfulness coach, will show you how to tune into yourself and unlock self-care strategies to create healthy habits and routines to honour yourself, from head to toe. Awaken your wellness potential with traditional remedies, essential practises and evidence-based activities you can do every day.

Whether you are wanting to feel energized again, or needing to find peace and calm, this essential companion will guide you towards your goals. You don't need experience to get started, just pick up a pen and start your journey to wellness today.