Yoga While You Wait : Finding Purpose in Each Pointless Pause


With Yoga While You Wait, you don't need a studio or a yoga mat or fancy yoga pants - just everyday life and a little bad timing.

The busy modern world is back with a vengeance - so how do you fit in a casual apanasana or savasana? By maximising your waiting time! Be glad when you're stuck in traffic or put on hold. Be grateful when the waiting room is full. Give thanks to the date that never shows up on time. Because now you can turn mindless waiting into moments of mindfulness with stretches and poses to build up your strength, poise, and flexibility.

From the half moon (ardha chandrasana) at the traffic lights to the lion (simhasana) in a traffic jam, Judith Stoletzky introduces the reader to yoga fit for reality, with helpful posture tips and humour in equal measure. Pairing Markus Abele's playful photography of life all-too-often spent waiting around, Yoga While You Wait has the ideal pose for every pointless pause.