Will the Drama Ever End? : Untangling and Healing from the Harmful Effects of Parental Narcissism


Heal and find liberation from your past with this comprehensive guide to making sense of and overcoming narcissistic family abuse from acclaimed family therapist.

A pioneer on the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse, Dr. Karyl McBride has the answer for anyone desperate for help in recovering from the damage of being raised in a family headed by a narcissistic parent.

Divided into three sections, Dr. Karyl explores the insidious way a narcissistic environment is developed in a family, how a narcissistic parent damages a child's emotional growth and ability to trust and, finally, how to not only move on but become truly free.

Along with an easy-to-follow five-step recovery program, plus a 33-question quiz to determine if you or a family member is displaying narcissistic traits, Dr. Karyl provides understanding and hope for anyone wishing to thrive after abuse.