What's That Lady Doing? : False starts and happy endings

£17.09 £18.99

For fans of Really Good Actually and I'm Glad My Mom Died

'Moving, hilarious and generally astonishing' - Guardian
'Brave, funny and moving' - Aisling Bea
'A deftness that catches your breath' - Fern Brady
'An incredible piece of writing' - Brett Goldstein
'Interrogates moments of trauma with insight, kindness and humanity' - John Robins

This is a book about mistakes. And why we should de-flower shame in all its messy, complicated glory...


It's Lou here...

I've poured my heart and guts on to the page and shared my soul in this book. This won't be for everyone but I hope it helps the people it does connect with. We all have stories and I think its useful to share them, I think it helps unite us and in some ways it helps us release some shame.

I've been alarmingly truthful and sincere, because I think society would be better if we could all be honest. I've of course used humour too, not as a way to cope (I've processed the darker things that have happened to me), but as a change in pace, some gorgeous light relief, because life is light and dark dancing together in the wind. And I love jokes.

If this is the sort of thing you're after, please pick me up and take me to bed (that's the book speaking so a little joke there).