What the Cluck? : The Omlet guide to keeping chickens

By Omlet


Omlet's easy-to-clean, safe and stylish Eglu chicken houses became an instant design icon when they were launched in 2004. Omlet quickly became most popular brand among chicken keepers, appealing to a new generation of people wanting to keep chickens as pets in their back gardens.

This complete guide covers everything a novice chicken keeper needs to know, and reimagines the way you live with and look after your chickens. From helping you select the right variety of chicken to buy and setting up your coop, through to training them, rearing chicks and even showing them at events, this really is a one-stop guide to becoming a confident and expert owner.

As well as background history on the chicken, there is a wealth of information on eggs and delicious recipes for cooking your eggs perfectly. Questions posed by Omlet's chicken-keeping customers are all answered here, with special emphasis on how to look after your chickens, dealing with common pests and diseases, and a year round planner to help you keep on top of the little maintenance jobs.

With advice on practical matters such as runs and coops, to what and how to feed your chickens for maximum fowl fitness, this eggcellent guide from Omlet aims to ensure you have the happiest chickens on the planet.