Verity Fairy: Cinderella



Join Verity and her magical fairy friends in this enchanting retelling of Cinderella, a much-loved fairy-tale classic, full of magic, mystery and more!

Author Caroline Wakeman takes you on a journey to a magical Fairy Kingdom alongside lovable Verity and her gang of her sparkly fairy friends, as they set out on a special mission to ensure Cinderella gets the happily ever after she deserves!

Verity is a thrill-seeking fairy with a heart of gold and a habit of telling the truth at all times during her endless adventures with fellow princesses and fairy friends!

Proving the perfect fairytale book for your little princess, Verity Fairy and Cinderella gently encourages conversation surrounding the difference between right and wrong, positively influencing your child's moral intelligence and sense of justice, whilst sparking their curiosity and imagination.

With a sprinkle of stardust in every page, your youngster can enjoy:

-A simple and easy-to-read interpretation of a much-loved fairy-tale classic

-Illuminating illustrations to enchant and inspire our young readers

-An interactive quiz for children to reflect on everything they have learnt throughout the book

A colourful map of Verity's magical Fairytale Kingdom

Celebrate your child's curiosity and let their imagination run wild in this gripping interpretation of Cinderella, jam-packed with beautiful illustrations, an easy-to-follow storyline and a whole lot of magic.

The ideal read for 5-7 year olds, this captivating kid's book encompasses the pleasure of simple text with the magic of much-loved fairy-tales, whilst placing a subtle focus on moral code to reinforce positive social behaviour in children from an early age.

The fun doesn't stop there!

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More magical adventures await you!