Unplug and Unwind : Mindful Ways to Rest, Relax, and Feel Renewed


Discover how better to meet the stress and demands of daily life with accessible and gratifying ways to decompress and live each day more fully.

The fast pace of contemporary life and the increasingly digital age we live in can overwhelm our peace, happiness and well-being. Checking our phones and engaging online are often necessary to stay connected and thrive in today's world but doing so constantly and mindlessly can lead to unwanted anxiety, exhaustion and discontent. There is a better way to meet these everyday challenges. Through a mindful approach and relating to situations differently, Unplug and Unwind will do just that for you. Discover the many ways to benefit physically, emotionally and mentally, including how to feel more rested if you're having trouble sleeping, tune into your breathing regularly to relax and be present, and explore your senses to experience renewed energy and pleasure. In this compendium of beautiful images and inspiring guidance, shift from doing to being and find more balance and happiness in your life.