Totally Deceased

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"How many weeks before the ghost of your unspeakably
generous organ donor ascends the glitter escalator to heaven, Jess?
Six weeks? Eight? Or maybe never unless you bloody well
help her find out why she was murdered..."

"Funny, heartfelt and I loved the mystery" - Rosie Talbot,
author of Sixteen Souls

Seventeen-year-old Jess wakes from an emergency heart transplant
to discover she's being haunted by the disgruntled ghost of her
donor - teenage socialite, Tilly. And she won't leave Jess in peace
until they unravel the mystery surrounding her death.

Their investigations take them deep into Tilly's luxurious heiress
life - from private schools to Swiss banks and high-end hotels.
But the clues lead somewhere darker than either of the girls
could have imagined. And if Jess can't solve the murder in time,
her own life may be at risk...

A hilarious, heart-racing murder mystery like no other.

Perfect for fans of Holly Jackson, Benjamin Dean and
Netflix's Inventing Anna, with hints of Only Murders
in the Building and the film Ghost. 

An ambitious, tightly plotted, laugh-out-loud read that
will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Perfect for BookTok and Bookstagram.