The Tongue She Speaks


Glasgow. 2007. Emo culture is thriving, but fifteen-year-old Cathy O'Kelly's world couldn't be more insular. It's her first day at high school. Bullied out of primary, she's got a new start after two years being taught at home by her Mammy. She's dreaming of getting the marks she needs to be a proper Scots writer and avoiding getting on the wrong side of the neds. Again. 

But her bully doesn't wear a tracksuit. Mark's a third year in an oversized hoodie and Converse. A poet. Or so he wants to be. When he learns of Cathy's dream, he's makes it his mission to tear it down - and win her admiration.

Will a chance encounter with a punk band at Glasgow's seminal underage club save her? Or will a different kind of bully push Cathy further into herself?