The Secret of Cooking : Recipes for an Easier Life in the Kitchen


'It's not often that a genuinely game-changing cook book comes out, but this accomplished, approachable and helpful book - its writing as nourishing as the recipes - is most definitely it. Quite frankly, there's not a kitchen that should be without a copy of The Secret of Cooking' Nigella Lawson

The Secret of Cooking is packed with solutions for how to make life in the kitchen work better for you, whether you are cooking for yourself or for a crowd.

Bee shows you how to get a meal on the table when you're tired and stretched for time, how to season properly, cook onions (or not) and what equipment really helps.

The 140 recipes are doable and delicious, filled with ideas for cooking ahead or cooking alone and the kind of unfussy food that makes everyday life taste better.

'Reading The Secret of Cooking is like sitting in a warm kitchen with an exceptionally articulate friend. I don't need a lot of convincing to pick up a pan, but Wilson's tips are so clever, her recipes so tempting, and her vignettes of family life so candid, that this is a book I can read for pleasure alone' Niki Segnit, author of The Flavour Thesaurus

'There is wisdom, and notes from a lifetime of reading, thinking, cooking and eating here. And it's not just about food but about how we live, and how we look after ourselves and each other' Diana Henry