The Nation Holds Its Breath


'...David O'Leary is entrusted with the responsibility of taking the penalty that could send Ireland to the quarter finals of the World Cup. This kick can decide it all. The nation holds its breath ... It's there!'

While the nation held its breath, George Hamilton delivered a line that will forever be etched in Irish sporting lore!

A fixture in the commentary box since the late 1970s, Hamilton has enthralled and captivated his RTÉ audience for decades. Particularly through the many highs of the Charlton years, from Stuttgart in '88 to Italia '90 and the USA in '94, he has engagingly articulated the joy and despair felt by the fans who listen with anticipation for his sporting gems.

Written in his inimitable style, The Nation Holds Its Breath is a lyrical journey through the key moments of his life and career. The voice that is so familiar to millions is present on every page of this book, from his formative days in Belfast and early career in London to his eventual arrival in Dublin and RTÉ, where, alongside his sporting work, he has carved out an entirely separate career with his hugely popular Lyric FM show, The Hamilton Scores.