The List

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Ola Olajide, a high-profile journalist at Womxxxn magazine, is marrying the love of her life in one month's time. Young, beautiful, successful - she and her fiancé Michael are the 'couple goals' of their social networks and seem to have it all.

That is, until one morning when they both wake up to the same message:

Oh my god, have you seen The List?

It began as a crowdsourced collection of names and somehow morphed into an anonymous account posting allegations on social media. Ola would usually be the first to support such a list - she'd retweet it, call for the men to be fired, write article after article. Except this time, Michael's name is on it.

The List is the debut novel that everyone is talking about, from Yomi Adegoke, co-author of Slay in Your Lane.

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