The Japanese Art of Living Seasonally : An invitation to celebrate every day


Relish every day with the secrets of Japan's seasonal culture

In traditional Japanese culture, people eat, sleep and wear the seasons, from kimono motifs to petal-shaped sweets, and festivals dedicated to nature's spectacular displays. This mindful celebration of nature leads to a deep awareness of the seasons, called kisetsukan.

This book reveals the hidden depths of kisetsukan, and how its concepts can transform your life. Discover:

Shun, eating what is fresh and bountiful. Preserve edible flowers to use in homemade sweets, or taste the spring with "seven herb" porridge.

Mottainai, zero-waste living. Learn about boro boro, visible mending that honours the history of a cherished garment, or wrap gifts in sustainable, seasonal fabrics.

Kado, the Way of Flowers. Learn the rules of ikebana and arrange flowers according to the seasons, or throw a cherry blossom-viewing party.

Momijigari, the ritual of leaf hunting. Explore local nature with "forest bathing", or learn simple ways to bring the outside inside.

This treasure trove of folktales, recipes and activities is an invitation to celebrate each day, for increased creativity, harmony and happiness.