The Hoolet Thit Couldnae Fly


Ah want tae check she's awricht. Ah kin luik there fur Brodie an aw.

Burds are meant tae fly.

Brodie goes missing. Being a bird with a bad wing, Iona is sent into a worry. Her mammy is busy trying to get her ready for school and the snaw is settling in. But Brodie must be found.

Running through the garden and exploring Mad Billy's farm, Brodie couldn't have gone far. After all, she was a hoolet thit couldnae fly.

A fantastic book from award-winning Scots author Emma Grae, exploring themes of confidence and celebrates the idea that it is okay to be different. Meet all the different animals we encounter on the search for Brodie in this bonnie wee book.

There is an untapped market for an original children's book in Scots and Emma is keen to fill it with great stories for kids aged 7-10 years old. With a snowy setting, it will make a great gift this Christmas for any child in Scotland.