The Dyslexic Advantage (New Edition) : Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain


An updated edition of the popular dyslexia book by Brock and Fernette Eide, with a wealth of new material and an improved dyslexic-friendly design.

'Far from holding you back in life, the latest neuroscience suggests dyslexia maybe a real advantage - we just need to think about it differently.'
HEALTHY Magazine

What if we viewed dyslexia as a learning and processing style rather than a disorder? Reading and spelling challenges are actually trade-offs, resulting from an entirely different pattern of brain organization and information processing. Dyslexic people possess powerful advantages, including incredible pattern detection, creativity, problem-solving and more.

This revised and updated edition includes 18 rich new profiles of remarkable individuals with dyslexia. The enormous advances in dyslexia research over the last 10 years provide innovative insights for educators, employers, parents and dyslexic adults. Blending personal stories with hard science, The Dyslexic Advantage shares empowering advice on how to identify, understand, nurture and enjoy the strengths of the dyslexic mind.