The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide : 150 Years from 1870 to 2020

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The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide 1870-2020 breaks new ground in wine publishing, being the first volume to cover in depth 150 years of vintages and totally unique in its cultural scope.

For wine lovers and collectors this is the indispensable guide, not only for finding out what happened in a particular season, but providing wider historical and social context. Every single year is accompanied by one event or milestone, one song or musical composition and one film that encapsulates the spirit of the time as well as the world into which the vintage was born.

Wine writer Neal Martin offers a personal, witty take on the traditional wine handbook, with notes on not just the growing seasons, harvests and wines themselves, but cultural phenomena ranging from Sherlock Holmes through Casablanca to Beyoncé. Innovative, inspired and addictively dip-in-able, The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide is an essential addition to your bookshelf as well as your cellar.