The City of Lost Dreamers

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A coming of age story set in a gripping new fantasy world

- perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor.

In a city that has been struck off the map, cursed

to wander forever by the famed map magician Baba Yaga,

a young girl called Siya accidentally finds the lost

pieces of the magical map that will reunite her city with the rest

of the world.

Always overlooked as the magic-less daughter of a powerful magician,

she believes this is her moment to prove her worth.

But instead of being celebrated, she is now hunted

by powerful forces threatening the city.

With the help of her worst enemy, Feodor, Siya must unravel the

mystery of why the Map Makers' Guild is so desperate

not to let the map be completed, find Baba Yaga and become

the saviour of her city.

Lisa Lueddecke is a master of gorgeously evocative fantasy with

strong female characters to root for

Praise for Lisa's first book, A Shiver of Snow and Sky

from Samantha Shannon, bestselling author of The Bone Season:

'It reads like a long-lost fable, rich with beauty and imagination.

A world you won't forget.'

Wonderfully inspired by the folktales Lisa was brought up with

as part of her Hungarian heritage