The Brain Code : Using neuroscience to improve learning, memory and emotional intelligence


This book introduces the new and fascinating field of Clinical Neuroscience, which argues that the brain has the power to prevent and treat a variety of neurobiological disorders, from autism to attention deficit disorder. With ground-breaking neuroscience research presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand way The Brain Code teaches readers how to get the most from their brains, how to access their peak cognitive function. 

Each chapter will look at different functions of the brain:

how can we regulate and control our emotions and thereby promote optimal thinking and behaviour

improving creative thinking through some simple tried-and-tested tricks 

efficient ways to use memory and thinking to improve our learning ability - a mandatory chapter for every student!

steps to take to promote peaceful sleep 

recent brain research describing natural ways to deal with fears and anxieties

look behind the scenes at a mind in love and understand how the knowledge can be harnessed to manage more successful relationships

Dr Yossi Chalamish uses his expertise in neuroscience to provide contemporary research on how each brain function works, featuring case studies from his clinical experience that illustrate its function, and practical exercises and tools to improve your cognitive abilities in your everyday life.