The Big Book of Wisdom : The ultimate guide for a life well-lived


The Big Book of Wisdom is a guide on how to live a meaningful life, how to grow through adversity towards maturity, and making one's contribution, little by little, to a better, safer, cleaner, healthier, much happier world.This book on wisdom is BIG not because of its length, but because it is about everything and for everyone.

Combining scientific findings with logical and intuitive reasoning, we are taken on a journey to look into our intellectual and spiritual experiences. Topics such as Capitalism, Education, Religion, Politics, Health, are explored and we look at the imbalance between our aims and values as well as the discovery of intersecting cosmic miracles of existence, life, consciousness, love and unity.

"An important contribution to the revival of wisdom discourse" David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

"This book is extremely practical and life-affirming, a must read for anyone on a spiritual journey." Betty Steinhauer, author of In Search of Spiritual Intelligence

"During these uncertain times it offers a genuine tonic and encourages us all to reflect on the bigger picture." The British Journal of Psychiatry