Taking A Career Break For Dummies


Taking a career timeout could be the window of opportunity you've been looking for

Taking A Career Break For Dummies shows you that a career break could be life-changing. Career breaks give us a chance to pause to identify opportunities and dreams, focus on the things we've been missing, and develop new skills. This book empowers you to take the leap into your next chapter. There are dozens of reasons you might want to do it, but whatever your circumstance, this friendly Dummies guide will help you value your own well-being, give yourself permission to grow and explore, and reclaim your time, your life, and your happiness.

Develop your plan for taking a break from your career and for transitioning back when you're ready

Set a budget for your break, create a realistic timeline, and make it happen

Access practical tools and resources to help you on your career break journey

Build a positive mindset so you can enjoy your break and return to your career feeling renewed

For anyone looking for a new direction, feeling burned out, or longing to reignite that inner spark, Taking a Career Break For Dummies is a must. If you're looking for help structuring your planned time off, you'll also love the hands-on guidance and examples inside.