Sustainable Travel For Dummies


How to travel lightly across planet Earth

Sustainable Travel For Dummies is for travelers of all ages and budgets who want to reduce their carbon footprints, respect and protect the planet, contribute to local economies, and incorporate conservation into their travel experiences. That's you! This easy-to-read guide shows you what sustainable travel is, why it's important, and how to do it-with no travel shaming. Award-winning travel journalist Lee Mylne brings a global perspective on fun ways to travel responsibly. A must-have resource for globetrotters and for those whose travels keep them close to home, this book covers alternative transportation, unique accommodations, fulfilling cultural experiences, everything else the eco-savvy traveler needs to know.

Discover how to plan eco-friendly trips to destinations near and far

Reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying life-affirming experiences

Learn about alternative methods of transportation and sustainable accommodations

Gain cultural awareness and get fun ideas for making the most of your travel

Sustainable Travel For Dummies is an inspiring read for travelers who are new to sustainable and ethical travel and seeking practical tips for eco-conscious wandering.