Sushi : More Than 60 Simple-to-Follow Recipes

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If you thought making sushi was strictly for the professionals, these easy-to-follow recipes will mean you never need to eat ready-made sushi again!

Discover how to create delicious sushi in your own kitchen by following simple basic steps.

Nigiri, maki, sashimi, temaki - all the different types of sushi are simply explained in this invaluable guide to making sushi at home.

This is really easy party food, healthy snack food - and great fun for kids too, to make and to eat. 

This book begins by explaining how to cook the rice perfectly and then introduces simple rolled sushi using classic ingredients such as cucumber, tuna or salmon.Once you've mastered these easy ones you can explore more adventurous variations.

The recipes use easy-to-source ingredients, including everything from spinach, asparagus and carrots to prawns, crab and smoked salmon. 

Also includes recipes for related raw bar dishes such as sashimi and poke, as well as great accompaniments, like fabulous pickles and three ways with wasabi.