Spread the Joy : Simple Practical Ways to Make Your Everyday Life Brighter

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Celebrated TV presenter, storied radio broadcaster and beloved podcast creator - over the years, we have come to know and adore Gaby Roslin for her unbridled enthusiasm and infectious energy. Now, Gaby is on a mission to help others discover all the joy and fun that life has to offer.

We all have the power to spread joy. All it takes is knowing how.

In Spread the Joy, Gaby Roslin shows us how to live a more joyful life, one Tiny Task at a time. Whether at home, at work or on your commute, be inspired to find and create pockets of joy in your day.

Let go of fear and anxiety
Reinvest in your imagination
Reconnect with your inner child

Packed with heart-warming stories and laugh-out-loud anecdotes, as well as dozens of practical tips and inspired tricks, this guided journal shows you how to not only discover life's simple pleasures, but also learn the invaluable gift of spreading joy to others.