Sports Card Collecting & Investing For Dummies


Become a part of the growing sports card trading community

Sports Card Collecting & Investing For Dummies will teach you how to start or resume collecting, how to trade, sell, grade, and protect your cards. This is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read breakdown of the sports card hobby and its many nuances. You'll learn the basics and get up to speed on the recent influx of new brands, companies, investors, influencers, and technologies that have completely reshaped the community. The popularity of sports cards as an alternative investment is at an all-time high, and this Dummies guide helps you budget and make smart trades. The anatomy of a sports card, spotting card damage, grading scales, buying safely, using trusted marketplaces, building your collection, pricing and selling your cards, avoiding scams-it's all in here. Become a savvy card collector, the easy way.

Learn the ins and outs of trading sports cards as a collector and an investor

Determine the value of your cards and discover where to find rare deals

Stay safe while buying and selling from local dealers, with online marketplaces, and at in-person events

Become a part of the collector community

Beginners of all ages who want to start (or resume) collecting sports cards can find all the must-know info in the pages of Sports Card Collecting & Investing For Dummies.