By Various

Our Mr Books is the author of the fabled #GoodFryDayAgreement, so apart from Paul Rankin is the only individual entitled to call themselves a #SodaMediaInfluencer. 

To celebrate his latest self awarded award, he is sending 10 separate packs of soda bread for free to those outside of Northern Ireland who miss it or have never tasted the famous Ulster soda farl. 

No postage, no cost, but there are conditions. 

1. If you’re toasting it, you must cut it horizontally, or it won’t fit in your toaster 

2. Butter, not marg or spread must be used on the hot toasted soda farl

3. If frying, the soda farl should (not must) be cut vertically, as in the second photograph above, as that is the traditional route.

4. Send photographs or videos to us at our @belfastbooks Twitter.