Sebze : Vegetarian Recipes from My Turkish Kitchen

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"An absolute feast of Turkish home cooking" - Diana Henry

"I absolutely love getting lost in this book. Wonderful recipe after wonderful recipe. You are in excellent hands with Özlem as your guide. The text and stories transport you, while simultaneously making you extremely hungry, for food and discovery alike." - Joe Woodhouse

"Sebze is a celebration of some of Turkey's most celebrated and most loved vegetable recipes and there is nobody better equipped to share them with us than Özlem." - Sabrina Ghayour

'Sebze' translates as vegetables in Turkish and so this cookbook is a collection of 85 vegetarian recipes celebrating Türkiye (Turkey) and its food.

Inspired by thousands of years of rich and diverse culinary heritage, Sebze is a recipe collection built with convenience and flavour in mind, championing popular Turkish classics, along with lesser-known regional specialties, such as Gözleme (Stuffed Flatbreads), Çilbir (Turkish Style Poached Eggs with Garlicky Yoghurt), Beetroot with Walnuts and Pomegranate Molasses, Otlu Tava Böregi (Easy, Herby Pan Börek), Nohut Dürümü (Gaziantep's Spiced Chickpea Wrap) and more. You will be glad to know there are scrumptious sweet treats in Sebze too, from the Turkish classic milk-based Firin Sütlç to the luscious Pumpkin and Walnut Baklava - Özlem's take on the much loved classic.

A passionate and skilled advocate for her national cuisine, Özlem will show you how to make meals that you want to - and can - cook, making Sebze the perfect introduction to Turkish food for the home cook.