Real Thai Cooking : Recipes and Stories from a Thai Food Expert

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Real Thai Cooking is a labor of love by Thailand's leading food blogger and street food expert, Chawadee "Chow" Nualkhair. Her book presents the full range of iconic Thai recipes together with fascinating back stories that enable you to truly appreciate what you are cooking and eating!

This book presents insider recipes and secrets about Thai food that only the local foodies know about:

Chef Black's famous Sriracha Sauce recipe (from Blackitch Artisan Kitchen in Chiang Mai) and the story of how Sriracha was invented (most people think it is Vietnamese, but it is really 100% Thai!)
The world's best Pad Thai and how this dish has come to define Thailand's national identity
Pork Stir-Fried in Kapi: What is Kapi, why does it smell so bad and yet is so revered in Thailand?
Minced Chicken Kanom Jeen and the Portuguese Influence on Thai Food
Mee Krob (Fried Rice Noodles)--the dish that saved Siam from colonization
And many more delicious recipes and nuggets of food lore!

With over 75 recipes and 100 color photos, this is the cookbook every Thai food lover will want!