Quiz Actually : The Festive Family Film Quiz Book


Which Christmas film do you love the most? Which Christmas film do you hate the most? What even counts as a Christmas film?

Argue out all these questions and more before you even open the ultimate Christmas Day family game book.

Because from Love Actually to Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life and beyond, every family has its favourites. But how much can we really remember about those films we watch every single year?

Packed full of tricky, fun and entertaining quiz questions, Quiz Actually will test you and your loved ones this Christmas on the movies we love to watch every year. Get ready to find out who really knows their Christmas crackers from their Christmas turkeys, and their Miracle on 34th Street from their Nightmare On Elm Street. It's time to separate the Die Hards from the try-hards with the ultimate festive family film trivia book.

Over 750 questions and featured films include:
Love, Actually
Home Alone
It's a Wonderful Life
The Grinch
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Bridget Jones's Diary
Harry Potter
The Holiday
Die Hard (yes)
and many, many more!