Python for Data Science For Dummies


Let Python do the heavy lifting for you as you analyze large datasets

Python for Data Science For Dummies lets you get your hands dirty with data using one of the top programming languages. This beginner's guide takes you step by step through getting started, performing data analysis, understanding datasets and example code, working with Google Colab, sampling data, and beyond. Coding your data analysis tasks will make your life easier, make you more in-demand as an employee, and open the door to valuable knowledge and insights. This new edition is updated for the latest version of Python and includes current, relevant data examples.

Get a firm background in the basics of Python coding for data analysis

Learn about data science careers you can pursue with Python coding skills

Integrate data analysis with multimedia and graphics

Manage and organize data with cloud-based relational databases

Python careers are on the rise. Grab this user-friendly Dummies guide and gain the programming skills you need to become a data pro.