Preserved: Condiments : 25 Recipes Volume 1

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Preserved: Condiments showcases 25 recipes for some of the world's most delicious sauces, spreads, relishes, and chutneys. It is the first in a series of six short books devoted to all things food preservation. Utilising fermentation, curing, smoking, pickling, and drying, the recipes in Preserved: Condiments, including those for Adjika the Georgian hot pepper relish, salted preserved herbs known as Herbes salées, and the Haitian pickled vegetable relish called Pikliz,add depth, spice, and interest to your cooking. The authors all lend stellar credentials and as a trio they bring a mix of professional cookery and preserving experience, food journalism experience, and expertise on food history. This is a highly giftable book and series for anyone who wishes to hone their knowledge of preservation.