Orange Martyrs (Mairtíreach Oráisteacha)


This series of 684 haiku poems (342 in English and 342 in Gaelic) has been composed in remembrance of the 342 members of the Orange Order who were murdered during the last terrorist campaign and in solidarity with the bereaved, the injured and the traumatised. A haiku is a 3-verse poem of 17 syllables in the form: 5+7+5. I have tried to capture the essence of the murder victim and the murder in each haiku. The only time differences in meaning arise between the English and Gaelic is when metrical requirements disallow total semantic equivalence. Author royalties from this publication will go to the South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) for the support of victims of terrorism. Gabhfaidh dleachtanna údair don fhoilseachán seo chuig Foras Fhear Manach Thoir Theas ar mhaithe le h-íobartaigh