Night Shift : An Electrifying Medical Thriller From the Master of the Genre

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In Night Shift, an exhilarating medical mystery-thriller by Robin Cook, a doctor's murder will lure Jack and Laurie into the dark underbelly of their New York hospital.

Juggling intense work with family pressures, Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are married doctors with hectic schedules. The last thing they need on their plates is a murder.

When Laurie's long-time friend Dr Sue Passero dies mysteriously in a hospital car park, an autopsy is required. It falls squarely under Laurie's remit as newly-appointed chief medical examiner but, when Laurie asks Jack to take special care with the examination, he can hardly refuse.

As he looks more closely into the case, Jack senses foul play around Sue's sudden death. He sets out to investigate on-site at Manhattan Memorial Hospital, even if it means defying the rules.

What starts as an inquiry soon becomes a deadly game of cat-and-mouse - between Jack Stapleton and a deranged killer, ready to strike again . . .