Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Herbs : Treat Yourself Naturally with Homemade Herbal Remedies


Join the journey to natural wellness and treat yourself with this handy book of herbs and homemade remedies.

Introducing Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Herbs - a one-stop gardening guide with everything you need to know about herbs, featuring a detailed layout of 100 medicinal herbs and over 70 recipes for effective herbal treatments.

A must-have volume for green-fingered gardeners, Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Herbs features tonnes of tips and tricks on planting and propagating a diverse range of herbs with the core focus on improving your health and treating your ailments with a little help from nature! This herbal medicine book offers expert advice you can trust, with an in-depth directory of a plethora of plants and herbs, including hemp, lavender, thyme, aloe vera, and lemongrass.

With passion in every page, this handy herbalism book includes:

-An illustrated directory of 100 medicinal herbs with instructions on how to use each one
-At-a-glance guides to help reader quickly find the right herbs for their health needs
-Over 70 recipes featuring medicinal herbs to use in soups, salads, face masks and more.

Alongside the directory, the book features more than 70 recipes designed to heal the body from the inside out, all of which can be prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen! Try a fennel and chamomile tea to aid digestion, a cranberry and apricot power bar to boost energy levels, or a beeswax and calendula balm to combat stretch marks. Whatever your ache or ailment, you can discover the treatment potential for each plant, and how you can prepare and use them to best effect.

A recent study suggests 38% of British adults use their gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. However, the ever-growing pressure of balancing family life with a career leaves a lot of room for aches and ailments, including stress and anxiety, not to mention a lot of today's green-fingered gardeners simply lack time for growing herbs!

We believe it's time to change that!

Dive deep into the pages of this handy herb book and discover easy-to-follow guides to exploring g a plethora of plants and herbs that will change your life for the better! The ideal gift for the green-fingered gardener in your life with a niche for natural remedies, or those who prefer complementary therapies over conventional medicines. This easy reference book is well-suited to herbal medicine practitioners and students alike. From researching how medicinal plants work, to making your own herbal remedies and nurturing natural skincare, from aloe vera to avocado, this one-stop herbal handbook has it all and will leave you feeling healthier and more energized than ever before.

A newly-updated book with a fresh design and easy-to-use treatment guides to help you find the herbs you need at a glance, Neal's Yard Remedies Healing Herbs is a comprehensive guide to staying healthy the natural way.

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