Metaverse For Dummies


Your first step to understanding what the metaverse is all about

You've probably heard that the metaverse-a word that seemingly went from nonexistent to everywhere - is the next big thing in technology. What is it, anyway? Written by a leading futurist, Metaverse For Dummies unravels the mysteries of the metaverse, for the curious and for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor. Discover how to carve out your niche in the metaverse with easy-to-understand breakdowns of the major technologies and platforms, a guide to doing business in the metaverse, and explorations of what meta means for sports, education, and just about every other area of life. The book even gives you a guide to safety in the metaverse, including how much of your real life you should share in your virtual one. This book answers all the big questions about the metaverse, in simple terms.

Explore the metaverse and the major players

Get a look at how the metaverse will disrupt industries from gaming to online commerce

Discover business opportunities on the metaverse

Dive into metaverse gaming and virtual events-safely

This book is a must for anyone looking for an approachable primer on what the metaverse is, how it works, and the opportunities within it.