Marking the Sacrifices and Honouring the Achievements of the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC'


The title of this book, "Marking the sacrifices and honouring the achievements of the RUC", mirrors the exact wording of the function, given in law, to the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Foundation. These important objectives will resonate with many of those officers who served in the Force and their families.

A number of organisations exist to represent and support RUC officers and their families, and a constant concern often articulated by them is the need to ensure that an accurate and fair narrative is presented about the role the RUC played in a divided, and often, violent society.

This book adds to that narrative. It aims to place on record a wide range of details and facts about the early years of the RUC from its formation on 1° June 1922 and also explains the context and challenges faced in the final years of the RUC before it was incorporated into the Police Service of Northern Ireland. It dispels myths about the Force's attitude to change, that it was disbanded and that it was proficient only in security style policing. It presents compelling evidence to support the excellent reputation the RUC had, and has, in world policing.

The authors, two police historians (one of whom served in the RUC) and a former senior officer with extensive international experience, have produced a wealth of information that will be a treasure trove for students, researchers and anyone interested in the story of policing.

Central to this work is a strong message that the efforts of all those men and women who served in the RUC, often at great cost, should be respectfully remembered and their service commemorated.