Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler (Kate on the Case 2)



Reporter-in-training Kate is back for a new adventure! Be swept downriver on this exciting jungle cruise in search of the mysterious Silver Wibbler bird...

When Kate and her mouse Rupert sail through the jungle home of the legendary Silver Wibbler, they know there's a story to be sniffed out. Why else would the Bird Brigade be on board?

Their fearsome leader General Hornbill is convinced the Wibbler is a myth but young Bird Brigader Bertie is determined to prove him wrong.

Can Kate help Bertie uncover the truth?

Full steam ahead for friendship, mystery and some ruffled feathers...

A hilarious new mystery, packed with illustrations!

Praise for KATE ON THE CASE:

"Exciting" Big Issue

"Beautifully illustrated" Teach Primary

"Cleverly woven and illustrated, with a cast of brilliant characters" Armadillo