iPhone For Seniors For Dummies


The perfect guide for staying connected with your new iPhone

iPhone For Seniors For Dummies is a no-nonsense manual for making the most of the latest iPhone models. You'll learn how to navigate your device's software and customize its settings for your needs. Plow through the basics like making calls, sending text messages, checking your e-mail, using FaceTime, tracking your health, and beyond. The step-by-step instructions are right here. With the help of this clear and accessible Dummies guide, you'll set up your phone and discover all the neat features it has to offer. Start taking great photos with the iPhone's legendary camera, check the weather, download games and other apps. You'll also learn how to keep your phone safe, secure, and up to date-no worries.

Choose the right iPhone for you, set up your phone, and start calling and texting

Learn to make video calls with Facetime and share photos and videos on social media

Discover apps and utilities that can make your life easier

Play games, browse the internet, and watch movies on your iPhone

With larger print, clear figures, and senior-focused content, this book is perfect for iPhone users who just need the basics explained without the fluff.