Into The Tangled Bank : Discover the Quirks, Habits and Foibles of How We Experience Nature




'Funny, accessible and full of wonders' Melissa Harrison, author of The Stubborn Light of Things

Lev Parikian is on a joyful journey to discover the quirks, habits and wonders of how we experience nature.


It's often said that we're a nation of nature lovers, but what does that really mean?

Lev Parikian sets out to explore the many ways that he, and we, experience the natural world - from pavement to garden and from wildlife reserve to far-flung island.

He visits the haunts of famous nature lovers to examine their insatiable curiosity; meets ramblers, birders and den-builders; and gets up close and personal with the nature he finds everywhere - including the kitchen sink.

Open a window, hear the birds calling and join this warm and generous journey into the tangled bank.


'If, like me, you've got more *into nature* in the last few months, but sometimes feel a bit excluded by nature writing, then this book will make you feel included and welcomed.' Tracey Thorn

'A witty, touching and profound book about one man's burgeoning relationship with the natural world - and it's also a joy to read.' Stephen Moss

'Lev's endearing child-like joy at even the smallest of encounters is infectious.' BBC Wildlife Magazine