Home Recording For Dummies


Make your next track a studio-quality gem with this celebrated recording guide 

Have you ever dreamed of producing the next big song? Or maybe you need some hints on the recording gear used to create pro podcasts? With just a little bit of guidance, there's nothing stopping you from creating crystal-clear, studio-quality tracks from the comfort of your own home. In Home Recording For Dummies, expert sound engineer and celebrated author Jeff Strong demystifies the world of recording and walks you through every step of creating high-fidelity audio.  

With this book at your side, you'll discover how to choose a room that fits your studio needs, get the hardware you can't live without, choose the right microphone for the task at hand, record live and virtual instruments, build rhythm tracks and loops, and edit, mix, and master your recording. 

Learn how to: 

Set up your home studio, acquire and connect all the right gear, and build multi-track recordings 

Understand the different types of microphones and the best use for each 

Record audio from live sound or virtual instruments 

Edit your tracks for better project management 

Mix and master your music for public consumption 

Home Recording For Dummies is the must-read guide that helps home create high-fidelity, multi-track songs and recordings that blow audiences away.