Grow a New Body Cookbook : Upgrade Your Brain and Heal Your Gut with 90+ Plant-Based Recipes

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A cookbook rooted in shamanic wisdom of 90+ plant-based recipes that will help you grow stronger, healthier, and younger, and reverse the loss of vitality associated with aging.

Growing older is inevitable. Aging is preventable. In Grow a New Body Cookbook, 90+ delicious, nutrient-dense, plant-based recipes will help you go back to an ancient way of eating that promises to help you on the road to lifelong health. Shamanic practitioner Alberto Villoldo will show you how to turn your kitchen into a shaman's laboratory so that you can grow potent probiotics to upgrade the health of your biome. Alberto dives deep into the science of why how we eat now is wreaking such havoc on us-and how we can reverse the damage. Finally, eating the foods recommended in this book will allow you to grow a new brain that supports you in forging a profound connection with Nature and experiencing a renewed sense of purpose in life.

The delicious recipes, beautifully photographed by James Beard nominee Paul Brissman and developed by celebrated chef Conny Andersson, feature superfoods that will begin to repair your body and brain from years of wear and tear.

The plant-based, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich broth, beverage, mezze, and main dish recipes include:

- silky white bean soup with tomato basil relish
- chlorophyll moringa broth
- matcha energy tonic
- activated charcoal latte
- chickpea crepe with spicy tomato chutney and coconut yogurt
- tasted sorghum risotto and mushrooms
- grilled zucchini "vindaloo" with kachumber salad