GRE 5-Hour Quick Prep For Dummies


Fast, focused test prep to help you score your best on the GRE

GRE 5-Hour Quick Prep For Dummies is your ticket to confidence and success on test day. Calm your jitters with an overview of test content, learn what to expect on the day of the exam, and take a short-form practice test with detailed explanations of the answers. This one-of-a-kind study guide is broken down into study blocks that you can tackle in 5 hours - all at once or over a few days. When you've finished practicing and the test is nigh, this book still has your back, with expert tips and tricks to make test day a breeze. Let this Dummies 5-Hour Quick Prep program launch you toward GRE test-day success.

Know what to expect on the GRE, including the content and test format

Work through GRE example questions for every subject covered on the test

Check your knowledge with a sample test that includes detailed answers

Improve your chances of getting into the grad school you want with a great score on the GRE

GRE 5-Hour Quick Prep For Dummies is perfect for future graduate students preparing to take the GRE and looking for a fast, focused study guide.