GED Test 5-Hour Quick Prep For Dummies


Get familiar with the GED Test in just 5 hours of study time

GED Test 5-Hour Quick Prep For Dummies is for those who want a fast test prep option that will help calm test-day jitters. You'll get a basic overview of the GED and its structure, some sample questions, and a short-form practice test with answers and explanations. Everything you need, and nothing you don't. And it's all broken down for you into short, timed study blocks that you can tackle all at once or over several days. It couldn't be easier to brush up your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the exam ahead of test day. With this Dummies 5-Hour Quick Prep guide, you're well on your way to getting that GED under your belt.

Get a basic summary of what you need to know to take the GED test

Take a short set of practice questions for each section of the exam, plus one practice test

Find tips for going into test day refreshed, confident, and ready

Study smart with efficient study blocks that will help you prepare quickly

If you don't want-or don't have time for-a long-form study guide, you'll love this fast, focused approach to prepping for the GED Test.