Fundamental Analysis For Dummies


Become familiar with the key concepts of fundamental analysis and learn how to put them into action in the real world

Fundamental Analysis For Dummies is a valuable guide for investors who want to know the future. Okay, it's not a crystal ball, but fundamental analysis will help you gain insight into a company's staying power, as you evaluate revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, competitors, management, interest rates, and other key business details. This Dummies resource makes it easy to get a handle on the underlying forces that affect the well-being of the economy, industry groups, and companies. You'll explore the tools and strategies of fundamental analysis, and you'll get easy-to-follow examples of how they're used in relation to stock and commodity investing. This latest edition is fully updated with coverage of today's investment landscape.

Apply fundamental analysis techniques to your investments and increase your profits

Learn strategies for making smart investments in stocks, currency, bonds, and commodities

Harness the same tools used by Warren Buffett and other successful investors

Protect your investments during an economic downturn

Investors looking to become proficient in using fundamental analysis will love this plain-English breakdown of all the must-know information.