Football For Dummies, USA Edition


Learn how to tell a first down from a touchdown and get up to speed on the latest trends in the sport

Football For Dummies is a comprehensive fan's guide to football and its many components. This updated edition includes coverage of new players, rules, and strategies. With deep explanations of every position, analysis of offense and defense, and detailed strategies for play, football legend Howie Long and established football analyst John Czarnecki present the basics of football for fans of all ages and experiences. Get the working knowledge that you need to follow the game of football and enjoy it with friends and family. The book covers everything you need to be the most knowledgeable spectator in the stadium!

Learn the rules of football so you can follow what's happening in the game

Increase your enjoyment of football by discovering the nuances you don't know

Keep up with friends and family when you watch games together, in person, or on TV

Get up to date on the latest players, rule changes, and top strategies

This fun Dummies guide is for everyone who is interested in football and wants to get familiar with the sport, including its history, so they can watch games in person and on television, follow all the action, and enjoy football games to the maximum. It's also a great reference for fans who need to settle bets about the official rules of play!