The Final Round: The Autobiography of Jane Couch

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The Final Round is the inspirational story of one woman and her fight to be able to box. Growing up in Fleetwood with no career aspirations, Jane Couch's world changed overnight when she watched two American women boxers on TV and knew she'd found her calling. However, at that time, women weren't allowed to box in the UK - so Jane had to train under the radar, sparring illegally with men and travelling abroad to fight. She had to prove herself at every turn, but in a country that wouldn't let her do what she loved, she was up against the ropes. But Jane fought back. In 1998 a court of law found the British Board of Boxing Control guilty of discrimination, and she became the first female to be awarded a UK licence to box. Far from being celebrated, she was ridiculed and labelled a 'freak show', the subject of TV chat-show debates. Having paved the way for women to box, Jane found herself hung out to dry by the male-dominated boxing establishment. Her story is one of passion, guts and determination.