Dark Art Supernatural : A Creepy Colouring Book

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Prepare to enter a world of ghosts, ghouls and spine-chilling supernatural creations ...This book showcases the dark and dangerous creatures that lurk in the shadows. Bursting with intricate black-and-white line illustrations of fearsome vampires, forest spirits, howling werewolves, spectral ships, nightmarish zombies and other elaborate creations, it is a stunning collection of the supernatural world in all its horrifying forms. Get ready to bring each image to life with vibrant colour, if you dare ...Illustrator François Gautier is the creator of Dark Art, Dimensions and Gothica. With a significant fanbase and thousands of Instagram followers, he is known for his fantastical and highly detailed line illustrations.Also by François Gautier:Dark Art 9781912785483 Gothica 9781912785773Dimensions 9781912785711Publishing in 2024:Dark Art Nightmare 9781915751065.