Colour My Mood : A Cute Activity Book for Tracking My Feelings Every Day


This cute bedside book gives kids and young teens a safe space to record their feelings and monitor their moods every day in a fun and rewarding way.  Each night before sleep, they simply colour in the relevant day's illustration and see it build over the month to create an accurate record of their changing emotional state.  Therapists acknowledge that keeping a record of moods and emotions can help to identify triggers, see patterns, helping to develop emotional intelligence and - ultimately - control.  Mood-tracking has become a much-loved activity for Bullet Journalling and even apps - this kid-friendly, mindful, analog approach will help them find balance, realising that there are good days and bad days and that's OK. Filled with a range of adorable graphics that are different every month, there's space quickly to record emotions, allowing comparisons day by day, month by month, year by year for a five-year period.  If your young person has tried and failed to keep a diary or journal, this easy activity book offers a much more manageable and fun space to record what matters, giving them - and you - the insight into how they are really feeling.  Illustrator Olive Yong (creator of the wildly popular Bichi Mao comic) has created exclusive art for this mood tracker that they will love to bring to life with their own colourful moods.