Breathwork : Use The Power Of Breath To Energise Your Body And Focus Your Mind


Make breathwork an indispensable part of your everyday self-care routine with this step-by-step guide to mindful breathing.

New science has revealed the importance of breathwork to balance the body, focus the mind, relieve stress, address anger issues and so much more!

This little self-care book will take you on a breathtaking journey of holistic healing, featuring:

-A down to earth guide to tackle over 50 step-by-step techniques to use at home
-Detailed information based on a 360 degree approach to improving breathing techniques written by an expert in the field
-Features practices, routines and exercised accompanied by step-by-step illustrations

Dive deep into the pages of this brilliant breathwork book to explore expert advice on a diverse range of topics, including body position, depth of breath, speed of breath, visualization, duration and repetition. These easy-to-follow techniques further include conscious and connected breathing, holographic breathwork, and qi gong breathwork, all encompassed within a bite-sized self-help bible full of friendly advice and accompanying illustrations to help make life-transforming change a reality for you!

A recent study suggests that pranayama - a form of yoga breathing, can decrease stress-related inflammation, in addition to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving immunity.
It's time to tap into the ever-growing trend of wellness, and immerse yourself in the power of breathing, from slowing down and being aware of your breath, to recognizing your own unique rhythms, this all-encompassing self-care book truly does have it all.

Did you know that self-care is a vital tool for navigating the challenges of modern living?
In a society where stress and anxiety mounts and self-esteem takes a dive, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Don't worry, DK has got you covered!

Whether you're experiencing stress and anxiety in your work or personal life and you're seeking a wider range of self-care practices, or you wish to widen your knowledge and experience on breathing techniques through yoga and meditation, this wonderful well-being book has something for everyone to discover.

It's time to wake up to the true power of breathwork and enhance the quality of your life for the better.

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