Belfast Books Book Review


For your hard earned £379 you'll get an academic, journalist, politician, or person of influence in your subject area to write an incisive review on your manuscript or published book. You can use this review for marketing, sales and iterative draft revisioning as part of the editorial process.

Using a book or manuscript review from us during the drafting or editorial process is an inexpensive way to find out early on whether your book is more paunchy than punchy. 

We guard the independence of our reviewers jealously, and for the avoidance of doubt, payment to us for a professional review does not guarantee a favourable review. In fact, far from it, as this is the equivalent of having your homework marked by an experienced expert in the field. 

There are two parts to our reviews, a public piece for marketing purposes and a reflective piece, giving feedback on the reviewer’s perception of the book or manuscript as a piece of creative writing. 

What we do guarantee is a honest review which tells your potential readers qualitatively what your book is really like, as the continual speculation around the authenticity of some Amazon reviews means that relying on Amazon reviews as your only source of reader feedback leaves your reviews open to criticism or speculation around their authenticity. 

The public part of the review will have enduring power and act as a sales tool again and again during the life of the book.